Welcome to Stephen Blewett & Associates...
Stephen Blewett & Associates is a veteran organization in the field of forensic science and has been a leader in accident reconstruction and analysis for over 40 years. Our firm has aquired a well-deserved reputation for reliability, high ethical standards and technical expertise.



Expert Analysis
Our investigative techniques have kept pace with modern technology, with the utilization of state-of-the-art processes to aid in our reconstruction and analysis. These advanced techniques, along with the professional expertise of our consultants, produce expert case-support material that is reliable and credible.

Our staff of scientific and engineering consultants is highly qualified and experienced and, collectively, has more than 46 years of experience in accident reconstruction and analysis. Curriculum vitae will be provided upon request.

Expert Testimony
Our consultants are qualified to present expert testimony, and have testified in civil and criminal matters in Superior, Municipal, and Federal Courts throughout the United States.

Testimony is presented in a clear, professional manner, solidifying the facts of the case. Every effort is made to insure that technical detail is simplified to the extent that it can be fully understood.


The Investigative Procedure

No matter how complex the details, scientific investigation of your case is a logical, step-by-step process. When you first contact us about your case, one of our consultants will discuss the preliminaries with you. There is no charge for this preliminary consultation, and it is at this point that we mutually determine if further investigation is appropriate.

If it is determined that we are able to assist further in your case preparation, we will ask to review relevant parts of the investigative file, such as photographs, police reports, accident reports, depositions, statements, and any other pertinent documentation. After review of this material, we will provide you with a preliminary option and, if called for, discuss an outline for further investigation.

Upon authorization to proceed with your case, further investigation may involve our inspection or viewing of pertinent physical evidence, laboratory test, research of applicable standards, and other literature searches. After analysis and reconstruction, an oral report will be given and, if required, a written report will be prepared.

Beyond the investigative report, we will, at your request aid in preparing answers to interrogatories and questions for cross examination, and be available for deposition or courtroom testimony.