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Stephen Blewett & Associates is a veteran organization in the field of forensic science and has been a leader in accident reconstruction and analysis for over 40 years. Our firm has aquired a well-deserved reputation for reliability, high ethical standards and technical expertise.


Vehicular Accidents
Reconstructing vehicular accidents involving automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, marine vehicles, construction equipment, and railroad units are all within our scope of investigative expertise and encompass the majority of our investigations. This often includes time/distance analysis, speed analysis, speed analysis, stopping distance, impact force, seat belts, air bag deployment, mechanical performance and, ultimately, reconstruction of the accident itself.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Accidents around the home or workplace, such as tripping or slipping incidents that cause bodily injury, make up a large part of the cases investigated by our consultants. Coefficient of friction tests are conducted on stairway and walkway surfaces in both residential and commercial structures to determine the safety of the surface. Our investigation may also include inspection for building code violations, as well as light readings to determine compliance with illumination requirements.

Product Liability

Our investigation of product liability cases involves industrial equipment, medical equipment and devices, toys appliances, automobiles, recreational vehicles and commercial transportation.


Stephen Blewett & Associates will assist you in preparation of court exhibits. The following are just some of the services available whether or not you wish to retain our office for a complete case analysis.

• Photography
• Enlargements
• Scene Documentation
• Site Diagrams
• Videotape Recording